About Authors

They came to the United States from Mexico and fell in love. He was creative. She was ambitious. He loved beautiful design and fast cars. She wanted to change the world by helping others. Then they made a choice to beat the odds, live the dream, and author their own amazing life. Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz and Juan Pablo Ruiz have touched thousands through their creative work, philanthropic endeavors and speaking engagements.

Amidst many challenges, they built JJR Marketing, Inc. into one of the top marketing and PR firms in the Midwest. Dreaming of what the future can be is an intuitive pastime for both authors. Juan Pablo enjoys drawing his dreams, racing his sports cars and creating designs for JJR clients. Jacqueline uses journaling and meditation to bring her dreams to life. By way of these channels, she leads JJR, founded the Fig Factor Foundation, a nonprofit that empowers young Latina girls, and is one of the few Latina sport airplane pilots in the US. Living the Amazing is Jacqueline’s tenth book and the first co-authored with Juan Pablo.

Recently, the couple started Fig Factor Media, a publishing firm helping other authors publish and promote their books.